Honestly, I have enjoyed snooping since I was a teenager. In college, I shadowed a P.I. for a law class and knew I loved it. I got into private investigation officially when I was hired as an associate for a private investigation firm in Wilmington, North Carolina. This was after leaving an abusive marriage where my two sons, unfortunately, witnessed verbal, mental, and physical mistreatment by my former husband. Getting us out and into a healthy place has made me the woman I am today. 


I am committed to helping others reclaim their lives through my investigative skills. 


In 2019, after 8 years of doing investigative work, I earned my North Carolina state private investigation license. I founded Third Eye Private Investigation aka T.E.P.I. and haven’t stopped since. 


I am especially grateful for my partnership with VictoryLife House, a non-profit domestic violence resource, as I continue my private investigative work.


I hope you will call on me to help you if investigative needs come up and you want someone with experience and compassion to give you back your life.


Cindy Pye Labod

Private Investigator

Founder, Third Eye Private Investigation

Blue Skies